"Every business needs promotion. But not every business becomes a brand."


Spreading the word of your business is the outbound process initially for every business. These calls are meant to introduce your business offerings and to make the mass awareness of the same. Buzzing millions of phones to introduce your business, will certainly be efficient enough to create awareness. Read More...

Although voice calling is for your business, it may have subdomains and various services. With Skylink Voice calling service, you get a unique virtual number as well. With the help of which you can track exactly which campaign calls performed really good and which didn’t.

Get an authenticate Voice calling solutions for your business with our rich database and high tech telecom integration. You can use the call center service both ways round, for inbound and outbound calls.


At times, technical assistance may require a third and fourth person who is in charge of certain services to assist the client virtually over a call. Get a service of seamless conference call instantly with Skylink conference calling service. Read More...

While getting in touch with your clients, things like language or bug fixing issues require more than two people to settle the query. We let nothing stand as a barrier when you or your clients are suffering. When the question is about finding a solution, every man knows something unique to contribute. Hence the conference call to help you connect without the limitations of personnel panel.


Broadcasting or outbound marketing is a very common practice to give a shout-out of your business. You can easily generate an automated call to deliver the same message across millions of people in a single go. Sending the offer or discounts with outbound calling is easier and quicker than anything else. Your offer and promotion get a huge exposure with the outbound calling. Read More...

Inbound calling is when you have done creating an ample amount of awareness in the market. This is when your customers will even get the privilege of asking for a call from you. And you will be instantly notified as soon the request pops. You can choose your timings and set the bar accordingly.

Both the outbound and inbound calls will be automated. But in the later scenario, you may need a human interruption. We at Skylink, provide you with the standard service throughout. Till your client’s need is satisfied, we aren’t satisfied.


When you introduce some new policy or you are thinking about starting a new service, know-how will your customers respond to it. Ask them to give a poll with a missed call. Need a callback? Or even want to ask for either registering or deregistering the service, missed call service plays a champ. Read More...

Various sectors have opted for missed call services for their own service providing solutions. With Skylink missed call services, we make sure, you never really miss the call. We maintain all the records and take the missed call entry in the register as soon the call is received. Moreover, we give no space for the glitches like taking the same missed call twice or such.


Let your customers have a choice to opt for voice-based captcha with the cloud-based and intelligent call service. IVR service is most helpful as it simply assists the user on its own. You need not have to work for each client separately with all the OTPs or resetting password stuff. Automation plays way smarter than humans. When this is so, let them take the game with an IVR call service. Read More...

When your customers are willing to reach you, let them call you toll-free. Show your client how much you value them with gestures like having toll-free number. Get a Toll-free number for all your Domestic and international calls. With which your clients will get in touch with you easily and instantly, and they won’t be charged.

Your toll-free number will also need an add-on of a progressive dialer. Your clients may need help that is just one of the FAQs. Progressive dialer will help you and the client to save time when you especially get calls from your existing clients for service related queries.

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