" When people go online they go social, virtually. "
People prefer social media platforms as they feel connected here. Social media only connects you with people around, it actually connects you with the world. Rather, with social media, there are several virtual worlds in our hands.
Every social media platform serves its own unique purpose. Skylink covers them all to take your business to the relevant set of audience.


Facebook has a huge user base. And hence your promotion on Facebook will prove to be the best platform to advertise on. Facebook campaigns prove to circulate a wide range of users. The wideness that covers the throughout demographics. From teenagers to elders and from almost all the countries on the globe. Facebook is a great source of connections that you can use for your business. At Skylink, we make sure your Facebook Ads get all the relevant exposure at the right time.


Visual content engages people thousand times more than a text. And moreover, sharing the pictures is the trend. The platform mainly comprises a userbase of age group between 18 to 30 years old. Hence, if your target audience is youth. Instagram visual content would get you enough attention and awareness. Skylink provides with the innovative visuals that describe your story and impart your value very well. However, if your service is business to business purposes, Instagram won’t be as effective for you at the initial stages.


Videos have the highest engaging rate than any other platform. To make your business a brand, nothing could be better than value-added stuff like explainer video. The only way to get the visitor into the consumer is to be the solution for the visitor in the first place. From video creation to gaining engagements. Skylink does it all organically well.


Next to Facebook, WhatsApp has a similar range of demographics and userbase. This is the strength of these social media platforms. With such a huge number of users, you get to spread your business across the variety of people and throughout all the scales of businesses. Skylink has a database of WhatsApp, which will certainly leverage your brand promotion. The strategy is simple. You get into the relevant inbox directly and easily.

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